Data Management for Measured Success.
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Data Management for Measured Success.

Scattered & Restricted Data

Cross disciplinary teams in E&P organizations need easy access to data in the company’s data silos.

  • Each commercial software stores data in its own unique silo.
  • Only a few people from each department have access to each application.
  • Data scattered across various software platforms.
  • It's difficult for individuals to know what others know outside of their discipline.

Documents outside of data silos

  • The problem is further compounded by the Window Servers file system as the primary storage device for all other data which is not stored in a data silo.
  • The average employee spends 30% of their work day looking for documents stored on the Windows file system.
  • There are multiple versions of the same spreadsheet, Word document, PDFs, etc. on the file server. Which one is the correct version?
  • There is no easy mechanism for determining the history of changes to these documents.

Gathering corporate knowledge across disciplines is impossible.

Everything your Enterprise Knows about a Well at Your Fingertips

WellMetrics booth web

WellMetrics enables self-brokering of all corporate well data regardless of discipline or commercial application.

Utilizing a GIS based context users can now access the information more easily, quickly, and know they have the most recent and accurate data avaliable.

WellMetrics Advantages:

  • All commercial software continues to store data in its native format. WellMetrics simply presents data in a way that is easy for personnel in every discipline to understand and retrieve.
  • A GIS aerial map is used to display well data from your internal systems and from commercially available data such as Dwight’s, IHS, and Tobin.
  • Using the M-Files document management system, every document associated with a well can be stored in a relational database and instantly retrieved.

View the video below for more information on the unique challenge that E&P companies face today and how WellMetrics can help you!