M-Files is an important piece of the WellMetrics solution. Not only is well information stored in data silos, but it is often stored in the form of files on a Windows server (PDF, spreadsheets, Word documents).  Unfortunately, this is an very arcane method by which to store and locate very important well documents.  The average employee will spend 30% of their time looking to find a document because they are required to remember where they put it in a increasingly complex file structure.  The Windows file system was created when users managed less than a megabyte of information, now users are called upon to manage terabytes of data! 

M-Files is a revolutionary product that allows you to store document in a relational database.  M-Files allows a user to store a document based on “what a document is” rather than “where it is stored”.  Using this feature, all documents associated with a well, field, or geologic structure can be quickly and easily located.  By capturing metadata concerning that document, it can be found multiple ways instead of exact location where the document resides.

The following M-Files video will help you understand this revolutionary replacement to the Windows file system.